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Toshiba e-STUDIO 4508LP “The Green Machine”
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The Green Machine has a new look!

Very often we print documents even though deep down inside of us we know that we will probably not need them for very long. Eventually, as was to be expected, we throw them away. And sometimes we even print documents knowing very well we will throw them away within a few minutes or hours. Just think of all the documents you print out as a reminder to do something or to proofread before sending. For exactly these non-permanent documents the e-STUDIO 4508LP is the perfect solution.


What’s New?

The Green Machine now comes in 3 different speeds, the e-STUDIO 3508LP is 35 prints per minute, the e-STUDIO 4508LP is 45 prints per minute and the 5008LP is 50 prints per minute to suit any and all business needs.
They have been re-designed on the outside as well as on the inside
Tablet-like – Customisable user interface to suit your personal needs.
Optional embedded OCR


Print & Copy Speed: 45 ppm (A4)16 ppm (A3)
Warm-Up Time: Approx. 65 seconds
Paper Size & Weight: Cassettes: A5R-A3, 64-80 g/m² Bypass:A5R-A3, 64-80 g/m²
Paper Capacity: 2 x 550 sheets (Cassettes), 100 sheets (Bypass) Maximum: 2,300 sheets
Automatic Duplex: A5R-A3, 64-80 g/m²
Inner Output Tray: 550-sheet capacity
Controller Type: Toshiba e-BRIDGE

Product Information

Unique, eco-friendly device which uses erasable toner!

The e-STUDIO 4508LP is everything you would expect from a multifunctional system plus the benefit of reducing your carbon emission by reusing your paper.

Toshiba’s unique technology allows the reuse of regular office paper, which can save up to 80% of valuable resources
It offers full print, scan, copy and fax functionality, but uses an erasable, blue toner.
It not only erases documents but is also capable of scanning and archiving them for you.
The paper is sorted for you into reusable and non-reusable paper.
Saving paper also means saving natural resources and reducing the carbon emissions.
You can use the same piece of paper up to 5 times, reducing your print consumption by 80%

With Toshiba’s e-STUDIO 4508LP you can reduce your paper usage without having to print less.