What Is Business Administration Major in Financial Management

Examine the nature of commercial banking. Identify measures of banks` performance and risk performance and how they are applied to bank evaluation and management performance assessment decisions. Students who earn a degree in finance are ready to take positions in corporations, financial institutions, brokerage firms, investment banks, and governments. You are also prepared for postgraduate studies in all fields of activity. Result: Analyze business problems with appropriate analytical and critical thinking skills. The CUI School of Business and Economics internship facilitates a student`s transition from academic theory to real-world business practices and builds professional networks. An internship related to a student`s academic orientation helps clarify goals, add value to CUI`s academic experience, and open doors for future employment. The course offers practice in developing a personal brand, as well as the skills to pursue an internship and eventual employment, followed by an off-site internship. Students meet with their internship manager before starting the off-site internship for advice and placement approval. Regular student reports and written feedback from the sponsoring company are required and must demonstrate the skills acquired during the internship. Students must take a minimum cumulative sum of two (2) units earned in one (1) unit of credit hours. Offered as a Pass/No Pass course. Prerequisites: Business Major with Junior or Senior Status and MGT 321 and BUS 224.

Result: Use the right business-related technologies to solve business problems. For more information on one of Concordia Irvine University`s many rewarding programs or specializations in business administration or economics, we invite you to contact us directly. This course broadens the discussion on the sources, use and management of capital in a company that focuses on the application of the concepts of investment, financing and dividend used in capital budgeting, cash flow analysis, financing alternatives and capital structure, capital distribution, financial planning and business valuation. Growth strategies and methods for evaluating mergers and acquisitions are introduced. Prerequisite: FIN 331. The general orientation of the Business Administration course also gives it long-term advantages in the evolution of labour markets. Some industries such as railways, manufacturing, and computers go up and down with technology. However, the experience gained by people in running businesses can be transferred from one sector to another.

Students who earn a degree in business administration are less likely to mistakenly invest their human capital in yesterday`s vision of tomorrow. Examine the international integration of financial markets and analyse the impact on financial managers. A degree in Business Administration, such as a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) or a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA), usually provides a broad foundation in the world of commerce. In addition to analytical skills, a business administration program may focus more on interpersonal or “non-technical” skills than a finance program. These courses are taken outside of business school, but support greater awareness of disciplines relevant to economics. Course topics include: Any student pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration must complete an internship prior to graduation. Concordia has good working relationships with a large number of companies in Southern California. Here are some examples where our students have completed an internship.

Result: Effectively communicate a corporate message. The College of Business requires a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2,000 in business courses as a prerequisite for graduation. Outcome: Make ethical decisions and translate ethical principles into business practices. Building on Fin 331, this course helps students learn about the strategic use of equities, debt and derivatives, diversification with appropriate levels of risk, time horizon, collateralization and active investment portfolio management. Prerequisite: FIN 331. This course examines the analysis of financial statements for business valuation and strategic considerations; the ratio analysis and fair value of money concepts used to analyze the financial conditions of a business organization; and credit analysis; and business financing issues. Prerequisite: ACT 211. This flowchart shows the required business courses you must take to earn your Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration: Finance. If you have any questions, please contact your academic advisor. Outcome: Explain the impact of international perspectives on business strategy and operations. Outcome: Explain the basic concepts associated with key business disciplines, including accounting, economics, finance, business statistics, operations management, business law, organizational behavior, marketing, information technology, and global strategy.

The objective of this course is to develop a foundation for ethical decision-making and business ethics evaluation. The focus is on global and national environmental economic, social and legal issues. Ideals, laws and values are evaluated using the theory and philosophy of business ethics. Case studies and the classical literature highlight learning modalities that include ethical decision-making and analysis. A culmination of previous work is applied. Prerequisites: Major in Economics with senior standing. Finance majors, in particular, need to have a more substantial background in mathematics. A solid understanding of algebra is becoming increasingly important as students progress in finance. In addition, a basic knowledge of calculus can make seemingly more complex topics more understandable. However, students can often do without calculus in many undergraduate programs. This course provides students with a Christian perspective on retirement, estate planning, and wealth management, and prepares students to provide financial planning services to individuals, families, and businesses.