Which Documents Required for Uk Visitor Visa

The private medical treatment visa for 6 to 11 months is £186 You can stay up to six months with this visa. You can extend your stay if you have come to the UK for private medical treatment by paying an additional fee. You can also extend your stay if you are in the country to participate in an academic program. The submission or presentation of any of the documents listed below does not guarantee that your application for a visa to visit or enter the border will be accepted. You should take this into account when booking, especially if you need to apply for a visitor visa. If you are applying to visit the UK as part of a Chinese tour group, you should read the specific guidelines for ADS visitors. A person can apply for a long-term UK visitor visa if they plan to make regular visits to the UK over a longer period of time. In such cases, the applicant may apply for a UK visitor visa, valid for 2 years, 5 years or 10 years, as the case may be. At each visit, the visa holder can stay in the UK for up to 6 months. Go on holiday or visit your friends and family in the UK with the BRITISH visit visa. The UK visit visa is known as the standard visit visa and is used by millions of visitors to the UK for their travel. Y-Axis can help you get your documents and application correctly and increase your chances of getting the visa.

You should check if you need a TB test when applying for an 11-month visa. Need help applying for your visit visa? Receive a FREE reminder from one of our consultants. Simply click here to fill out a form. You need to apply for the UK tourist visa online from India. You must make an appointment with an ACC in India as part of your online application. You will also have to pay the required visa fee. It is usually valid for 6 months. specifically. You are allowed to stay up to 6 months at a time. You can apply for a visitor visa for 2 years, 5 years or 10 years, but you can only stay 6 months in 12 months.

For more information on how to travel to the UK as a visitor, see Appendix V: Visitor Immigration Regulations and the Visitor`s Guide. Some types of documents are less useful as evidence in visit requests. These include: The cost of the UK visit visa depends on the country from which the application is made. The fee for the UK visit visa is 130 to 135 USD in most cases. The additional fee includes $40.00 for standard processing, $70.00 for express processing, and $90.00 for super rush processing. If you intend to visit the UK, you must prove that you are a real visitor coming to the UK to carry out an authorised activity, that you will leave at the end of your visit and that you have sufficient funds to cover all reasonable costs related to your visit. This publication is available at www.gov.uk/government/publications/visitor-visa-guide-to-supporting-documents/guide-to-supporting-documents-visiting-the-uk The UK Visit visa is an online visa with an appointment at VFS to submit your documents. The process usually takes 3-4 weeks and once the visa is issued, you can stay in the UK for up to 6 months. The UK visit visa applies to: You must prove that the intended recipient is legally resident in the UK, by e.B.

a copy of their British passport or residence permit. You must provide the name, nationality and date of birth of the intended recipient if they are not legally resident in the UK and apply for a visa at the same time. Those who wish to visit, study or work in the UK can apply for a UK visit visa. The visitor must be able to understand English. The applicant for a UK visit visa must provide proof of their confirmed return ticket as well as a confirmed hotel booking. The applicant must provide a clear reason for their visit to the UK and also demonstrate their ability to support their loved ones with themselves. The applicant must have all the documents required to apply for a visit visa to the UK. Proof that you are legally resident in the UK, via e.B a copy of your passport or visa For more information, see the Transit Visitor Visa or Transit Guide pages. A friend, family member or business partner may be the sponsor to support the UK visitor visa application. The documents required to sponsor the UK Visitor Visa include proof of accommodation and the sponsor`s bank balance. The sponsor must also provide a letter of invitation for the visa applicant`s travel.

The letter of invitation must comply with section 35, Part I, of the Immigration Regulations. As proof of accommodation, the Sponsor is required to provide proof of the residential property in which the Visitor will be staying during their visit to the UK. The sponsor may also provide the latest bank statement to prove that it can entertain the visitor during their stay in the UK. Those applying from outside the UK can apply for a UK visit visa online. As part of the online application, the applicant must make an appointment at the Visa Application Centre. The applicant must have their photos and fingerprints. Those who are already in the UK can apply for your visa extension. If you are from North Korea, you cannot apply online. You must prove that you intend to end, marry or enter into a civil partnership, such as a confirmation of appointment. B an appointment with a registrar or a booking confirmation for your receipt.

If you have ever been married or in a civil partnership, you must provide documents showing that you are free to marry or enter into a civil partnership. Talk to a Y-Axis visa advisor to start your process today. Below you will find information on the types of documents you may wish to provide to help us review your application in relation to visitor immigration regulations (Appendix V: Visitors). This list is not exhaustive. If you need to visit the country for a longer period, you can apply for the standard long-term visitor visa with a duration of 2, 5 or 10 years. You can stay a maximum of 6 months at each visit. You do not need to provide multiple copies of the same documents if you are applying as a family or group at the same time. Proof that you have enough money to pay for the visitor`s stay, e.B. current bank statements Those who wish to visit a family member in the UK can apply for a family visitor visa in the UK.

The applicant for a UK family visitor visa must be located outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland. The applicant must also meet all other eligibility requirements. Those with a UK family visitor visa can stay in the UK for up to 6 months. Your passport must be at least 1 page blank when you use it to apply for a visa. They must provide a copy of the passport photo page of at least 1 parent or guardian, including their signature and passport number, if they are not also applying for a visa. You may need to provide additional documents upon your return to the UK: Those applying for a UK visit visa must prove that they have sufficient funds to handle all reasonable expenses related to their visit to the UK without having to access public funds….